"Choke" by Gidget Gein

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"Choke" by Gidget Gein

by Gidget Gein
9”x12” unframed
signed screenprint on paper

Iconic artist Gidget Gein (9/11/1969 - 10/8/2008) had always been at the forefront of important movements in art and music. Edgy, fearless, and unrestrained, he pushed boundaries and he wore his demons on his sleeve. In his short life, he cleaned up South Florida crime scenes, was the original bassist, songwriter, and co-creator of Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids, founded the experimental group The Dali Gaggers, and shaped the UnPop and GaGa art movements. Gidget solidified his place as one of LA's most notorious self-taught artists.

His celebrity portraits depict Hollywood scandals and celebrity controversy in the vein of Kenneth Anger's famous book. His Blaxploitation series boasts reverent and irreverent nods to a dark part of our culture that spans from the early minstrel shows to "Black Power" films. Gidget's perspective on pop culture never disappoints. Filled with uncompromising wit, keen insight, and a scathing dark humor, his paintings are a relevant commentary on our idol-worshipping society.